RME Builders – a Larimer county general contractor

RME Builders is a Larimer county general contractor and residential home builder. When Craig Way founded RME Builders in 2001 (known then as My Shop) he and his team did small repair projects – from leaky faucets, to sheet rock, to installing doors and windows. His expertise and competent reputation soon launched his business into bigger projects such as remodels, basement finishing, and construction of out buildings. In these various projects, Craig witnessed construction errors and cost-cutting techniques that often were the root of the present problems. These findings taught him what NOT to do in new construction and he decided then, he and his team could build a better home.

In 2004 they expanded to building spec homes – that is, homes that are made from one main design with owner modifications. Spec homes are efficient, affordable, and fast to construct.

But Craig’s obsession with perfection and his expanding reputation soon led RME Builders to construct custom homes, where the focus is on impeccable quality first, and cost-savings second.

RME Builders was agreen builder before the term was vogue! Craig’s commitment to excellence, efficiency, and earth-friendliness demanded these building strategies before they were mandated.

Today Craig still maintains that “no job is too small” and yet “no job is too big”.