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This was a flat ceiling and has been vaulted.

This was a flat ceiling and has been vaulted.

Does your home no longer fit your needs? Are you unhappy with the layout? Is there never enough storage space? Have you yearned to open up your living room or kitchen? Is there a wall you’ve always wanted to rip out?


If the answer to any of these questions is YES, then contact us for an estimate on remodeling services.

RME has the home improvement experience to identify load-bearing walls and the design techniques to achieve your goals while still maintaining the structural integrity of your home.

We make your house become your DREAM HOME!

"There seems to be no limit to the type of projects Craig Way can do as an expert Craftsman. He has done projects as simple as installing new doors, to completely renovating and remodeling a weather-beaten cabin making it a showcase on the river." -M.T., Fort Collins

Window seat custom reconfiguration before and after:

Window seat before Window seat with cabinets and custom mountain scene
Click and drag slider to view before and after